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We understand that trading is an activity that benefits greatly from collaboration, exchange of experiences and mutual support. That's why, at SMART TRADING INDICATORS, we have chosen to bring our community to Telegram, an instant messaging platform known for its speed, security and ease of use. Here, you can dive into deep discussions, ask questions, share your victories, and learn alongside other passionate traders.

Telegram Community Features

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    Real-Time Interaction: One of the advantages of having our community on Telegram is the possibility of instant interaction. Whether you have an urgent question or simply want to share an idea, the community is there, active, and ready to respond.
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    Exclusive Events: We regularly organize Q&A sessions, expert talks, and thematic discussions. Being a member of our community gives you priority access to these events.
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    Dedicated Moderators: To maintain an informative and spam-free space, we have moderators who actively monitor the chat, answer questions, and guide discussions.
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    Exclusive Resources: We share analyses, graphics, tutorials, and other exclusive resources that you won't find anywhere else.
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    Direct Feedback: It's the perfect place to provide feedback on our indicators and receive direct support from the SMART TRADING INDICATORS team.

How to Join the Telegram Community

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    If you don't already have Telegram, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. It's also available as a desktop application and web version.
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    Once you have Telegram installed, simply click the following link to join: https://t.me/Smart_TradingIndicators.
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    Upon entry, we recommend briefly introducing yourself and sharing your trading experience. The community is friendly and always welcomes new members!

Community Guidelines

  • Mutual Respect: We encourage a collaborative environment. Please treat all members with respect.
  • Avoid Spam: Do not share unrelated links or personal promotions.
  • Stay on Topic: While discussions may vary, try to keep your contributions relevant to the world of trading and our indicators.
  • Do Not Disclose Sensitive Information: For your safety, avoid sharing personal financial details or confidential information.
The Telegram community of SMART TRADING INDICATORS is more than just a chat group: it's a space for growth, learning, and mutual support. Join us and discover a global network of traders who, like you, seek excellence in every trade.