Graphics or examples of what it looks like in action - Hybrid Trends

The Hybrid Trends indicator by Smart Trading Indicators is characterized by its ability to visually display emerging and established trends.

Below we present a series of graphs and scenarios to illustrate how this indicator works in different contexts:

Chart 1: Bullish Trend

Description: In this chart, we observe that the Hybrid Trends indicator starts in a neutral zone, likely in a light gray or blue color. As a bullish trend develops, the indicator changes to a bright green color, and its line starts to slope upward, indicating increasing strength in the bullish trend. As the trend consolidates, the intensity of the green deepens.

Chart 2: Bearish Trend

Description: Contrary to Chart 1, here we see that after a period in a neutral zone, the Hybrid Trends indicator changes to an intense red color and starts to slope downward. The downward slope indicates the strength of the bearish trend. The deeper the red, the stronger the trend.

Chart 3: Range-Bound or Consolidation Market

Description: In this scenario, the Hybrid Trends indicator fluctuates horizontally, moving between neutral colors without a defined shift towards red or green. This sideways movement suggests that the market lacks a clear direction and is in consolidation.

Chart 4: Trend Reversal

Description: An interesting scenario arises when, after a clear bullish trend (bright green color and upward slope), the Hybrid Trends indicator begins to flatten out and then changes to red, sloping downward.

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