• What is the SMART TRADING INDICATORS Affiliate Program?
    The Affiliate Program is an opportunity for individuals passionate about trading and technology to share our advanced tools and trading signals, and be rewarded for each new user who subscribes to a plan through their unique affiliate link.
  • How do I join the Affiliate Program?
    Joining is a straightforward process. First, create a profile on our website, then access 'My Account' and navigate to the Affiliate Section. Here you'll find your unique affiliate link which you can share with your network.
  • How do I earn commissions?
    Earn $5 for each new user who subscribes to a SMART TRADING INDICATORS plan through your affiliate link. Additionally, your referrals will receive a 20% discount on the first billing cycle of any plan they choose.
  • How do I withdraw my earnings?
    To withdraw your earnings, go to the “Affiliate Rewards Dashboard” from the main menu, click on “Withdraw $ USD Earned”, fill out the form and click on “Request Withdrawal”. The processing time is generally between 2 to 72 hours.
  • Can I redeem my earnings for coupons or discounts?
    Yes, we offer the option to redeem the accumulated balance for coupons and discount codes applicable on our service plans. This option is available within the “Affiliate Rewards Dashboard”.
  • I'm having issues with the withdrawal process, what should I do?
    If you encounter any problems or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.
  • What products and services can I promote as an affiliate?
    You can promote a variety of advanced tools and services offered by SMART TRADING INDICATORS, including our innovative AI-powered trading indicators, real-time trading signals, and advanced technical analysis.
  • How do I update my withdrawal information?
    In the 'My Account' section, you will find fields to provide your withdrawal address. Provide the information and click on “Update Info” to save the changes.