Tutorials in English

At Smart Trading Indicators, we are committed to enhancing your trading skills with the aid of artificial intelligence. Our tutorials are designed to effectively teach you how to use our advanced AI-powered trading indicators. Here, you will find clear and concise guides that will take you from the fundamentals to more complex strategies, all to ensure that you make the most of the financial market opportunities.

Tutorial of Range Signals (V2)

This tutorial, presented by Gabriel Massarelli of Smart Trading Indicators, introduces the use of AI-powered trading indicators, highlighting the "Rain Signals" indicator. The video shows how to integrate these indicators into the TradingView platform, adapting them to different markets and timeframes. It focuses on ease of use, recommended trading strategies, and the automatic risk management included in the indicators, with backtesting examples on various assets. Additionally, it mentions support resources available on their website and Gitbook, as well as future updates, including direct signals through Telegram.

Tutorial of Hammer And Pump (V1)

The video presents "Hammer and Pump," a trading indicator that uses OpenAI's AI, showing promising results in backtesting with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It combines technical analysis tools with AI to identify buying and selling opportunities and emphasizes risk management. The indicator is customizable, compatible with various markets and devices, and comes with educational resources and a free demo. The video concludes with a discount offer and an invitation to their referral program.