GitHub is our chosen platform for managing everything related to the development, maintenance, and evolution of SMART TRADING INDICATORS. Through this channel, we strive to maintain a transparent and collaborative environment, showcasing not only our source code but also encouraging community members to contribute and continuously improve our tools.

What can you expect to find?

  • Source Code: Access the core of our indicators. Discover how they work, and if you're a developer, you can even contribute with improvements or adaptations.
  • Documentation: Clarify your technical doubts with our detailed documentation. Learn more about the functions, parameters, and methodologies behind each indicator.
  • Updates: Stay up to date with the latest enhancements, fixes, and added features. Our commitment is constant evolution, and on GitHub, you can see this process in real-time.
  • Collaborations: You are welcome to suggest changes, optimizations, or even propose new features. Through pull requests and comments on issues, your voice will be heard and considered in future development.

How to interact?

If you are new to GitHub, there are several key actions you can take:
  • Star: If you like our repository, give it a star! This helps us gauge how popular our project is and motivates us to keep moving forward.
  • Fork: Want to make changes or custom adaptations? Fork the project and work on your own version.
  • Pull Requests: Have you made an improvement that you believe should be part of the main code? Submit a pull request. We will review it, and if appropriate, integrate it.
  • Comments on Issues: Found a bug or want to discuss a potential feature? Issues are the place to do it.
Join us on GitHub and become an active part of the future of SMART TRADING INDICATORS. We are passionate about what we do, and with your collaboration, we can reach new heights in the world of smart trading.