Graphics or examples of what it looks like in action - Hammer And Pump

The "Hammer and Pump" indicator has been designed with a clear and distinctive visual presentation, ensuring that traders can quickly identify signals and act accordingly. Below are some practical examples with descriptions to better understand how this indicator works in real market situations.

Bullish Trend with Buy Signal

  • Description: In this chart, we observe that the price has been in a sideways trend for some time. However, when the trendline turns green and the bomb icon (💣) appears, it indicates a strong buy signal. After this signal, you can see how the price starts to rise, confirming the indicator's prediction.

Bearish Trend with Sell Signal

  • Description: Here, after a bullish period, the indicator changes the trendline to red, and almost simultaneously, the hammer icon (🔨) appears. This is a clear sell signal. In the days or hours following, there is a decline in price, justifying the decision to sell.

Volatile Market with ATR Filter

  • Description: In high volatility situations, many indicators can give false signals. But thanks to the ATR filter integrated into "Hammer and Pump," signals become more accurate. In this chart, you can see several buy and sell signals, but with the ATR filter, only the strongest ones are considered, reducing the risk of entering trades based on false signals.

Comparison with Other Indicators

  • Description: By comparing "Hammer and Pump" with other indicators, you can see how it sometimes leads or coincides with signals from these other methods, reaffirming its effectiveness. In this example, a buy signal from "Hammer and Pump" coincides with a bullish crossover on the MACD, providing a double confirmation to enter a trade.
These examples demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of the "Hammer and Pump" indicator. While it's always essential to consider the overall context and combine different analysis techniques, this indicator stands out as a valuable tool for any trader, whether novice or experienced.