Free Demo | Full Pass A.I Indicators

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Smart Trading Indicators is proud to present the 🆓 Free Demo: 💎Full Pass A.I Indicators plan. This plan is designed to offer traders a unique opportunity to experience our advanced AI-based trading indicators at no cost.


Our primary goal with this plan is to provide traders with a complete trial of our A.I indicators suite on TradingView. This will allow them to assess the effectiveness of our tools and their impact on improving trading decisions.

What Does the Plan Include?

The 🆓 Free Demo: 💎Full Pass A.I Indicators plan includes a free 3-day access to the following 11 A.I Indicators on TradingView:
  • Hammer And Pump 🔨💣 A.I
  • Shadow Trend🔥 A.I
  • Buy or Sell Estimation✅ A.I
  • Hybrid Trends A.I 🧬
  • Bull or Bear Attack Direction🐂 A.I
  • Hull 💎 A.I
  • Range Signals 🚨 A.I
  • Glory Channel Signals💸 A.I
  • Channel Trend Signals🛎️ A.I
  • Buy or Sell Ribbon 🟢🔴 A.I
  • Time to Buy or Sell ⏰ A.I
These indicators are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the markets and assist in making informed decisions.
This plan is ideal for traders looking to test the effectiveness of our A.I indicators and wish to experience how they can enhance their trading strategies.


  • Free access to high-precision A.I indicators.
  • Opportunity to test a full range of tools at no cost.
  • Potential improvement in trading strategy and decision-making.


The 🆓 Free Demo: 💎Full Pass A.I Indicators plan is offered completely free of charge (0$), allowing traders to experiment with our advanced tools without any financial commitment.


The 🆓 Free Demo: 💎Full Pass A.I Indicators plan is an exceptional initiative from Smart Trading Indicators to introduce traders to the world of AI-assisted trading analysis. With access to a full range of innovative indicators at no cost, it is a perfect opportunity for those looking to elevate their trading to the next level. We invite you to take advantage of this unique offer and discover the power of our A.I indicators.